The Walking Dead 'Limited Edition' comes with "Governor's fish tank"

with three illuminated walker heads on the top right of the playfield.

The Walking Dead also comes with newly designed reliable illuminated star

rollover switches.

The Walking Dead 'Limited Edition' includes:

4 balls

2 flippers

2 spinning targets and 2 stand up targets

Interactive prison building with mechanical target doors

Walker bash toy target inside 'Cell Block C' super action playfield magnet

left ramp returns the ball back to the right flipper with mechanical lift "bicycle girl" bash toy

right ramp returns the ball back to the left flipper and awards fish tank or crossbow features

3 bank drop targets

Magnet ball diverter on "Crossbow/Fish tank" ramp to feed "Crossbow"

Motorized "Crossbow" ball firing mechanism activated by lock down bar fire button

RP $13,000

+ Tax

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