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Phone: (954)-224-8678
Open 6 days a week!

The Pinball Dudes tournaments have been scheduled through the end of June. You can find details for each event here, and we hope you can make it.

April 22nd: The Pinball Dudes 4-Strike Saturday and Foo Fighters Launch Party

Format: 4-Strikes (Sanctioned) and High Score Tournament (Not Sanctioned)

May 9th: The Pinball Dudes Max Match Play #5 (Norma Jennings Special Edition)

Format: Max Match Play

June 3rd: The Pinball Dudes Women's Only Double Header Max Match Play and 4-Strike Saturday

Formats: Max Match Play and 4-Strikes

June 6th: The Pinball Dudes Max Match Play #6

Format: Max Match Play

June 25th: The Eric Francis Memorial 4-Strike and Pin-Golf Tournament

Format: 4-Strikes (Sanctioned) and Pin-Golf (Not Sanctioned)

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