RP $4,000

+ Tax

Jetstream and bonus star rollovers


This feature allows the player to score 100 to 1000 points and advances bonus depending on the top lane activated lights. 

5 drop targets 

Each one scores 300 points and advances the bonus, knocking down all 5 for the first time gives you 3000 points and the second time awards points, bonuses and specials (25,000 points, extra ball or replay)

popular free ball gate 

when this feature is activated by going through the #2 top lane, it gives the player a second chance to play the same ball.

4 NEW theme songs have been added to this game giving the player more fun when getting them points up!

The Supersonic includes: 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, 5 bank drop targets, 4 stand up targets, 1 kick out hole, 1 spinning target, right outlane ball return gate 

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