RP $3,000

+ Tax

Futura Light is a much loved font inspired by elements of Bauhaus design. Ideal for headlines, banners, logos & more, it will make your words stand out.

The Night Rider comes with variable kick out holes, kickout hole will light up at the start of each game and scoring will change each time 10 or 100 point skill objective is hit. Rotation being 1,000, 50, 3,000, 50, 5000 and repeat. 

Twin banks of drop targets, twin drop targets permit maximum drop scoring specials, extra balls and bonus advances.

Special drop targets, all targets in either lower left or right bank or even in both can score specials with every ball shot.

Double out hole bonus, these can be doubles by either skill often changes hopeless score to "last inch" or "last ball" triumph.



The Night Rider includes:

2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers 

2 slingshots, 3 stand up targets 

2 spinning targets 

5 bank drop targets 

1 kick out hole



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