RP $11,500

The Metallica 'Pro' come with a modified custom figurine of 'Sparky' in an electric chair with a magnet to be able to catch the balls.

Illuminated grave marker, also a sculpture of a ball eating snake and ball eject mechanism. There have also been some further modifications to this game and now includes LED topper, skull grills over the speakers, a magnetic overlay, new color DMD, figurine of 'Kirks' guitar, 'Sparky' head shooter rod, snake ramp on the right side of the playfield, neon green plastic covers and also grave yard art blades.

The Metallica 'Pro' also includes:

2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 sling shots

1 captive ball, 1 newton ball

3 in line drop targets 

Electronically controlled up post, controls orbit shot

2 fuel stand up targets 

+ Tax

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