mandalorian premium


Each Mandalorian pinball machine (no matter what model)

includes a large sculpted Grogu (The Child) in the upper left hand

corner on the playfield. This playfield also includes a Razor Crest ship sculpture




The Mandalorian 'premium' includes:

4 flippers (2 standard and 2 for the mini playfield)

6 pinballs (also for the multi-ball)

A rotating upper mini playfield with 2 flippers and 6 stand-up targets

2 inner loops up/down leading the ball to return back to left/right flipper 

Grogu "force" magnets, that can catch and throw the ball down the C - H - I- L - D lanes for mystery awards; a variety of targets on the playfield to achieve many points and different modes through-out the game 

RP $7,999

+ Tax
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