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kiss limited edition


The kiss 'Limited Edition' comes with a large head sculpture with 3 ball lock,

activate multi-ball and watch them all come out from his mouth.

The LE also comes with Animated "Starchild" action figure with guitar. 





The Kiss 'Limited Edition' includes:

6 balls

4 pop bumpers with each band members stamped onto the top

Spinning demon disc for fast ball return action

"Starchild" mini play area with hidden hole shot

"Starchild" decorative molded amplifier

4 "KISS" drop target bank

"Starchild" playfield drop target with coil assist 

Spinning target assembly

Left plastic ramp feeds to chrome left wire ramp

Right plastic ramp feeds to ball diverter assembly

"Backstage Pass" ball scoop assembly

RP $15,500

+ Tax
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kiss 3_edited.jpg
kiss 4_edited.jpg
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