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The Guardians Of The Galaxy 'Pro' comes with a static rocket figurine on the left of the playfield, also a static orbit toy in the open position with illuminated infinity stone. Drop target with trip coil and virtual ball lock. All models feature a Groot bash toy head, that will mechanically lock several balls and spit them out for Groot multiball.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy 'Pro' includes:

2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers

1 drop target, 1 bar target, 1 scoop

1 playfield magnet to divert balls and create multiball chaos

2 control gate divert mechanism 

5 Hardon enforcer and 2 Groot stand up targets 

4 flashing LED ramp mini mars domes


The premium adds arms and hands and an additional LED. 6 balls installed. 

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guardians 3.jpg
guardians 4.jpg
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