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Godzilla comes with a skyscraper building with intersecting ramps and virtual ball lock on top of building, chrome right helix wireform ramp and returns from left subway halfpipe ramp, chrome left wireform ramp return from right cityscape right ramp, static bridge ramp that diverts pinballs back to the flipper and also a 'Magna Grab' (capable of catching balls from 5 different shots and setting shots back up to the upper left flipper). The Godzilla playfield also features inlane chase lights that create strobing lights to show effect towards the flippers, Heat Ray, Mechagodzilla and Monster Rampage spinning targets, King of the Monsters wizard mode and UFO pop bumpers. 3D and 2D custom lit up Cityscape vacuum form backpanel.


The premium adds a moving building and 3D toys, and a magnetized

Mecha Godzilla interactive figure, and a spinning target assembly/

jump ramp. 6 balls installed.

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