The Ghostbusters 'Pro' comes with a color changing marshmallow

man sculpture on the top right of the playfield.

Also includes a rotating motorized animated interactive slimer toy. Interactive holographic ecto goggles. some special modifications

on this game has added LED topper, Library sculpture, Empire state sign, Color DMD, Slime (On back glass, Shooter rod, Coin door)

Stern custom art blades, Green glow balls, Twinkie and ecto mobile figures, flipper covers and trough lights.

The Ghostbusters 'Pro' includes:

6 balls, 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 9 stand-up targets

2 drop targets, 2 electromagnets, 1 spinning target

3D firehouse

3D molded storage containment with 2 lights and flasher

Steel drop off speed ramp through subway ball lock 

Repeatable steel crossover looping ramp

GHOST 2.jpg
GHOST 3.jpg
GHOST 4.jpg

RP $11,500

+ Tax

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