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RP $3,999

+ Tax


F-14 is an action packed pinball machine in which you are the fighter pilot taking on General Jagov. F-14 has a first of its kind ''Jagov Kicker'' which will kick the ball back to you at high speeds. This game features a 4 ball multiball, which causes a brilliant light display once you lock ball 3. Features of this game includes two orbits, a single pop bumper in the middle, and a section at the top with two additional flippers. Your objective in this game is to kill General Yagov, which you do by either shooting the ball in the kicker on the left, or shooting the middle targets when ''Lights Kill'' is lit. You have to take out other fighters and then take out Yagov himself.



The F14 Tomcat includes:

4 flippers, 1 pop bumper

2 slingshots, 20 stand up targets 

3 ball kicker lanes, 1 Jagov kicker

4 ball multiball, 1 spinning target

1 vertical upkicker, 1 left outlane kicker

3 rotating beacon lights on the top of the backbox


F14 1.jpg
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