RP $7,500

+ Tax

The Dolly Parton comes with saucers on the upper playfield and drop targets that light P-A-R-T-O-N, while the left targets light D-O-L-L-Y. Each letter hit on the upper playfield lights up the D-O-L-L-Y-P-A-R-T-O-N in the center for special points, value increases with each sequence completed.

Right center ball exit rollover gives the player a score of 5,000 and returns ball back to the plunger for extra play.

4 skill shot multi-valued superstar inline drop targets with 2X, 3X and 5X bonus multiplier also provides the player with challenging skill shot, while they also light the spinner for extra points.

"Here You Come Again" one of Dolly's biggest hits playing during the game.

The Dolly Parton includes:

2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers 

2 slingshots, 7 stand up targets 

1 kick out hole 

1 spinning target 

4 in line drop targets 

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