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     JAWS brings players to the beloved, fictional locale of Amity Island, located off the coast of Long Island, New York. The small fishing community becomes a popular beach vacation location in the summer months, but as Fourth of July vacationers close in on the island’s picturesque beaches, grave danger lurks below sea level…the Amity Island mayor attempts to cover up shark attacks out of fear of losing the island’s tourism money, resulting in several terrifying attacks.

Playing as Quint, Stern’s JAWS pinball games will have players grabbing their harpoons and helping Amity Island save the Fourth of July! As the grizzled fisherman, tackle the most dangerous ocean creatures on the planet. Heart pounding tension mounts as you fire pinballs at a motorized “Shark Fin” target with “blood in the water” animated lighting effects. Anticipation builds as you navigate the “Orca Boat” upper playfield, featuring a “Lookout Tower” ramp, ship’s wheel horizontal spinner on the deck and “Radio” stand-up target to call for help (on the premium models), but lookout! A motorized custom sculpted “Great White Shark” (on the premium) bash toy comes crashing through the bottom of a fishing boat, terrorizing players in this thrilling pinball odyssey. Will you survive JAWS?

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