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The pro and the premium feature a custom molded 13 inch Hindenburg Zeppelin, custom Swan Song Records Icarus sculpted ball interactive leap toy, 3 custom steel ramps, 3-bank drop targets, and 3 flippers.

Songs in the game:

  • Good Times Bad Times

  • Whole Lotta Love

  • The Song Remains the Same

  • Rock and Roll

  • Trampled Under Foot

  • Ramble On

  • Kashmir

  • Immigrant Song

  • Black Dog

  • Communication Breakdown

The premium adds an innovative interactive toy, called the Electric Magic device. It is a self contained spinner and magnetic ball trap, that elevates up through the playfield, when it becomes activated.

This classic rock band title has arrived. Grab yourself a Led Zeppelin today, which features 6 balls to enhance game play as you tour with the band.

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